We want to make sure that you have an absolutely great experience at Kizomba Berlinal 2017. That is why we have invited a host of experienced artists to explore with you the magical world of Kizomba, Tarraxinha and Semba. Below are the confirmed artists of Kizomba Berlinal 2017.
Jacinto Teca & Dasa

Jacinto Teca was born and raised in Angola, he went to Padrão do Semba Dance School learning his education in the field of Semba/Kizomba Dance. Afrter some time being a student he found his way into teaching Semba/Kizomba at Padrão do Semba Dance School from 2008-2010. Teca later moved to Prague, Czech Republic, to further his education by attending the University of Agriculture and Human Development in Tropical/Subtropical areas. While studying Teca wanted to keep his Semba/Kizomba roots alive by continuing to perform and teach and there he met Jamba Mulimbwe and has been working and performing with him as a teacher/performer of Kizomba.CZ as well as The Balumuka Project as a performer and teacher ever since. Currently, Teca is teaching Semba, Kizomba, Afro-House and Kuduro in Prague and has performed and taught in festivals such as; Dance Fusion Festival Poznan(Poland), Warsaw Afro-House & Kuduro Mania(Poland), Bachata Congress Festival Berlin(Germany), Kizomba French Kiss v Bachata French Kiss Festival in France(Troyes), Prague Kizomba Festival "BALUMUKA"(Czech Republic), Latino Holiday in Rhodes(Greece), Kizomba BootCamp(Ungary) Workshops Kizomba BootCamp Brno, Ostrava(Czech Republic) and Pikant in Bratislava( Slovakia Republic) as well as many more. To find out where Teca will be next please follow him on Facebook at in Jacinto Teca Mahula(Stoga), Kizomba.CZ,The Balumuka Project, or by email:, ,
Jey & Bea

Beas love for dancing began early – at the age of 5 she already started learning ballroom and traditional dances and took part in competitions. Since 2005 Bea isvisiting congresses all over Europe. She could thereby discover new styles of dances and her interest for Kizomba grew. In 2007 she decided to share her knowledge and experiences in Salsa and Kizomba by teaching courses and workshops in the Frankfurt Rhine-Main area, Berlin and Leipzig.

Beas classes are characterized by precision, technique and elegance!
Adrien & Jacky
Johannes & Melanie
NB Tandyss & Flancia Flores
Hakan & Antonia
Kim & Diana
Tipapa & Silvia

Tipapa was born in Angola and now lives in Berlin. He teaches Kizomba, Semba and Salsa, as well as choreographs his own shows. Already as a child, he danced almost all of the typical Angolan and Congolese dances such as Soukous, Kizomba, Afro Rumba and Semba. At the age of 13, he joined the dance group "Ngola Ngonde". He participated in various dance competitions and performed at different events in Angola. Even then, Tipapa was very good at passing teaching his dance moves and style to others. In Europe, Tipapa discovered his passion for Latin American music, and learned Salsa and Rueda de Casino. He also learned Bachata during his stay in the Dominican Republic. Since 2005, he has been passionately sharing his experience and creations with others in Europe/Germany.
DJ Duk Monteiro
DJ Fenomeno
DJ Fabinho FM
(Fabian) has already been interested in different kind of music since his childhood and started in his early years  with the instrument accordion, where he developed his first musical skills.
2007 Fabian came, by chance, into contact with Kizomba. On a Reggaeton sampler was a song by Gil Semedo, which fascinated him immediately and his expedition into the world of Kizomba began.
His first steps as a DJ he made many years later when he started deejaying at small Salsa partys in 2012. Since the start in September 2013 he is the resident of the first weekly Kizomba party "Kizz me at the Moon!" in Berlin. Further he plays also at other parties in Berlin and nowadays he is more and more booked outside of Berlin, recently, for example, for parties in the Netherlands, Heidelberg, Nuermberg, Leipzig and for festivals in Hamburg, Geneva and Mallorca.
The Kizomba community appreciates him for his hand-picked mix of traditional Kizomba and Semba, Ghetto Zouk and the latest Kizomba remixes of songs from other genres. Of course a little bit of Kuduro and Afro-House should not be missed in his playlist.
Dj FabinhoFM is currently one of the most in-demand Kizomba DJs in Berlin. People like him behind the deck as a DJ, but also on the dancefloor as a dancer.
FabinhoFM is looking forward to see you at Kizomba Berlinal!

Get ready to party and enjoy!