1. Scope - The Terms and Conditions govern the legal relations between the event participants on the one hand and Kizomba-Berlinal on the other. The Terms and Conditions are part of the contract that comes into effect with the purchase of tickets.

Tickets are sold in the name, and on behalf, of the organizer. The organizer is shown on the ticket. A contractual relationship comes into effect solely between the owner of the ticket and the organizer.

2. Entry - The ticket entitles the holder to a single entry to event specified on the ticket. In case of lateness or non-attendance, no claim for refund of unused workshops will be acknowledged. Compensation is excluded.

3. Event schedules and start times - The valid event schedules and starting times are shown in the official publications of the Kizomba-Berlinal. The event plans remain subject to change. The programs and artist line-up is not guaranteed.

4. Ticket returns – The return of purchased tickets is not possible. The cost of purchased tickets is not refundable. Tickets can be sold to another person. The original ticket holder should send the details of the new ticket holder to Kizomba-Berlinal.

5. Should the event be cancelled, purchased tickets can be returned for a refund of the ticket price. In this case, the ticket should be returned within 14 days. The re-settlement of the contract will proceed through the organizers of the Kizomba-Berlinal. Without presentation of the original ticket, a resettlement of the contract will not be possible. In case tickets are mailed back to us together with the ticket's banking information, a transfer of the ticket price is possible. Mailing costs and other costs are not refundable. Changes in the artist line-up do not entitle you to refunds..

6. Timing of the event – The right to change the timing of the event is reserved. The tickets will remain valid for the new dates. The ticket holder has the right to choose in this case. He may, as in the case of cancellation of the event, withdraw from the contract and demand the return of the ticket price by the organizer or keep the ticket for the new date. The exercise of this option and the return of the ticket are only possible until the day before the actual event date.

7. Entry fees - Kizomba-Berlinal will publish the valid entry fees and make them known. When visiting the event, bring along your identification document and present it unsolicited at the entrance, along with your ticket.

8. Ticket Delivery - Upon purchase, the client must immediately check, the accuracy of tickets purchased and the correctness of the monetary change received. Subsequent complaints cannot be accepted. The resale of tickets for the Kizomba-Berlinal to higher prices for commercial purposes, for example, on Internet sites is prohibited.

9. Ticket reservation - Reserved tickets must be picked up at the time indicated in the confirmation. After this period, the reservation expires.

10. Ticket loss – In case of ticket loss, a replacement ticket can be issued at the box office if there is proof that ticket he has acquired.

11. Property rights - Visitors may be refused entry if there is reason to believe that they disrupt the event or harass other visitors. Entry can be prevented if the visitor has violated the terms and conditions. Persons impeding the sale of tickets, disturbing or annoying the other visitors can be asked to leave the premises.

12. Damages – Claims for damages for positive violation of contractual duty, faults upon contract and tort are excluded, if the organizer, its legal representatives or its agent did not act willfully or with gross negligence and no contractual obligations are violated. Compensation claims from inability of performance, and delays as well as violation of fundamental contractual obligations are limited for slight negligence on the replacement of the foreseeable damage.

13. Images and/or recordings – Film recordings, especially during workshops, by event visitors are not allowed. During the event, image and/or sound recordings might be undertaken by authorized persons. Visitors, by virtue of their participation, agree that they will be possibly recorded audiovisually, and that these records may be broadcast or published without the visitor's right to remuneration.

14. Liability - Incidentally, except in case of gross negligence or willful misconduct, any liability by Kizomba-Berlinal for damages, regardless of the legal reason, are excluded.

15. The organizer cannot accept any liability for lost or stolen articles.

16. Health - With music events there is a risk of hearing and health due to the volume. Visitors are asked to take precautions for their health, such as the use of ear plugs.

17. Privacy - All data provided by the client are loaded and processed by the Kizomba-Berlinal in compliance with applicable protection provisions on the transaction and the storage of data.

18. Legal – The respective laws of the Federal Republic of Germany prevail under exclusion of the UN Sales Convention (CISG).

19. Youth Protection - The provisions of the Youth Protection Act are to be complied with. In particular, the presence at public dance events of children and adolescents under the age of sixteen without a parent or guardian is not permitted. Young people and young people from sixteen years to attend until at most midnight.